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If you only have a bit of time to eat before you hit the road again, we have Grab-N-Go hamburgers, Broaster Chicken, sandwiches and -H- Pizza made to order at Bar H Bar Travel Center. From breakfast to burgers to pizzas, we have everything you're hungry for.

Bar H Bar Travel Center is a family-owned business shop that has been open since 2011.

      Breakfast Pizza

      Breakfast Toronados

      Biscuits with sausage & eggs

      Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Menu

         Potato Wedges





GRAB-N-Go incredible choices


Pick Up Food in a Hurry



        Hot Dogs, Eisenberg Beef

        Tamales, Beef and Chicken

        Fresh Sandwiches


Burgers / Sandwiches

        Broaster Chicken

              Singles to 8 piece  





Other Items

Made for you Pizza is available

  • 12" Thick Crust

  • 12" Thin Crust

            7" Individual Pizza





roast beef, ham, turkey, chicken salad and tuna salad sandwiches on all kinds of breads. Fresh Salads from Chef Salad to Grilled chicken are ready to take with you.

burger and fries

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